Project Overview
This Visa "You are the Transaction" VR Experience tells the story of a transaction’s journey through Visa's secure network and verification processes. Starting from a simple purchase of a ticket at a European train station, through Visa’s technologically advanced global payment network, and back. This journey illustrates how Visa uses artificial intelligence to prevent fraud. This project used a combination of 2D UI elements and 3D modeling software (Modo, Maya, and assembled in Unity3D) to create and animate both the “real” and digital worlds of this imaginative experience.
Worked with the Visa marketing and product teams to storyboard user journey and user interface.​​​​​​​
Lenovo VR Headset, Unity, Sketch, Illustrator, Photoshop
Top row: After the user places on the VR headset they are then placed within an International train station as you prepare to buy a ticket to your destination. 
Bottom row: The user is prompted to select between 3 destinations. The user is dives into the kiosk as they are guided through the Visa network with their transaction. Finally, User stops at all of the Visa checkpoints as their transaction moves through the Visa network. 
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